Trust Administration


Trust Administration


Have you been named as the Trustee of a trust? Are you wondering where to start and what duties / obligations come along with being the Trustee? It can be a stressful and overwhelming process, but Love & Blomquist can help.

Trusts are all different when it comes to the details & instructions it lays out for how to manage the assets and distribute them to  beneficiaries. As the Trustee, you are obligated to act according to the wishes of the person who created the trust. You have a fiduciary duty to protect the trust’s assets and the interests of the beneficiaries. 

Having a legal team behind you to assist in interpreting & managing the trust can take the stress of Trust Administration off your shoulders. At Love & Blomquist, LLC, we have a team of attorneys and paralegals ready to assist you throughout the complex journey of being a Trustee. We will come alongside you and educate you about the process and empower you to act the way the Trust’s creator knew you could. Allow us to assist you in the important duty of Trustee. 

Our mission is to serve you through our signature approach:

  • Listening: You deserve a listening ear. We take the time to hear your story in order to craft a plan that will fully meet your family’s needs.
  • Educating: As experienced trust administration professionals, we spend many hours studying new laws and policies, expanding our knowledge of the law. We stay current on the law and bring this knowledge when we sit down with you. We teach you how your individual trust works and equip you to administer it properly.
  • Communicating: This is a two-way relationship. Our team won’t talk at you. Instead we will communicate with you in plain language. We’re committed to bringing you experienced counsel in understandable terms.
  • Navigating: Trust administration is extremely technical. A wrong turn can have severe financial consequences & liability for you personally. Our team will take the time to guide you through the process of administering your trust from beginning to end.

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