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Losing a loved one can leave you shattered and heartbroken.  Learning that you must go through the probate process only increases your stress and sadness. An experienced attorney can help guide your family through this complex legal journey. At Love & Blomquist, LLC we can help you with all aspects of Probate Law.  



We provide legal services for both Decedent Estates and Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship.  


  • Decedent Estate – When a person passes away leaving property in their name only, a decedent’s estate must be opened.  This probate process transfers property from the deceased individual to their heirs (spouse, children, etc.) or beneficiaries (people the deceased named in his/her Will). At Love and Blomquist, LLC, we will work with you to navigate the court process while keeping you informed. We have extensive experience in probate.  If you are the individual appointed as Personal Representative we will work with you to teach you how to do your job as Personal Representative to avoid unnecessary risk and delay. A decedent’s estate can take several forms: full probate, small estate, determination of heirship, etc. In the state of Missouri, all of the different forms of probate involve a court procedure.


  • Adult Guardianship and or Conservatorship – When an individual becomes incapacitated – whether caused by disability, Alzheimer’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, or another incident – the court appoints someone to make decisions for him/her if that person does not have a Durable Power of Attorney or if they become uncooperative. The Guardian and/or Conservator the court appoints over the incapacitated manages the individual’s personal health and assets.

Be sure to hire the team of attorneys who will represent you effectively and efficiently in Probate. Contact the law office of Love & Blomquist, LLC today!


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