Legacy Planning For All Seasons Of LifeSM




No one wants to think about passing away. However, protecting your family by planning for your eventual departure from this earth avoids costly probate and can protect and provide assets for your family members or loved ones for years to come. The team at Love & Blomquist will walk with you in developing an effective estate plan that accomplishes your goals. With highly technical laws and monetary consequences, Estate Planning can seem overwhelming. We will take time to sit with you & learn about you, your desires, and your finances. We will explain estate planning and provide you with reasonable options that fulfill your desires and will work within your budget. You and your family are not another number to us. You have a unique family and asset structure that deserves, and will receive, our individual attention.




Proactive Solutions To Preserve Your Assets




Seniors face complex legal issues that are different from their younger counterparts. Actions taken as a senior may have unintended legal consequences. It is imperative you work with a firm that specializes* in Elder Law. Love & Blomquist, LLC, is such a law firm. Our attorneys and their team care about your future, and they are motivated to help you and your family. They are experienced* at helping families with the following concerns:


An unexpected health diagnosis

Losing everything if a spouse needs nursing home care

Aging loved ones

High cost of senior care

A disabled child

How to transfer assets upon death

Untrustworthy family members


Making The Unavoidable, Endurable.



Losing a loved one can leave you shattered and heartbroken.  Learning that you must go through the probate process only compounds your stress and sadness. An experienced probate attorney can help guide your family through this complex legal process. At Love & Blomquist, we can help you with all aspects of Probate.